Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bravo's Top Chef Masters Season 2

Tune into BravoTV on Wednesday April 7 at 11/10c (please check your local listings).

On Season 1, I failed to complete my Moon Doggies in the Quick Fire Challenge. I’m unbelievably thankful they’re giving me a second chance to redeem myself. I want to show everyone that I could have been a contender. Stay tuned to see if I prove them all wrong....


  1. Staying tuned and so far so good....Love your energy and can't wait to see the final outcome(I already think you should win). Are the Moon Doggies on your menu at your restaurant? Would love to try them out if I can make it to LV for my big birthday. Have a good one and many blessings.

  2. I'd be honored if you came in for Your big day. The Moon Doggies are on the menu and they are delicious!

  3. I watched you on Season 2, I thought at first that you were full of yourself, but after watching you I know that you are a great chef and should have won season 2. I am eager to try your food. I am a employee of Mac Pizza Management (Domino's Pizza) we are celebrating our 50th Birthday in Vegas this month July 20 to July 23. I have already told my husband that we or I will be visiting your restaurant. I am hoping that you would have a few minutes away from your kitchen and can speak with an untrained cook. I want to be a chef and to have my own business, but being untrained but creative, I do not see myself as a chef at this time, BUT ONE DAY SOON I HOPE TO HAVE THE TITLE OF CHEF. I rank you as one of the TOP chefs that I have watched over the years from Julia to Food Network Iron Chefs.