Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ocean wildlife is threatened today as never before by human activities. We are in a very unique situation here. We, as a generation, must start to realize the task at hand …which is that our world is only renewable and capable of keeping up with the demand for nutrition and food if we take better care of it. It is designed to provide us with more than what we all could possibly need, but selfish greed has pushed the natural process of the food replenishing machine past its ability to provide us enough…naturally…to survive. I am not trying to sound fatalistic…but it is a fact. We now (since 2009) need to farm over 50% of the fish protein we consume, globally, on fish farms.  Fish used to be infinite in numbers…remember. Of course you don’t…it started over 50 years ago.  OOOO and that’s so long ago? Families move so frequently that they never get to realize the damage and changes to their place of existence. Listen to communities that have and learn something from them. First Nations have been crying trouble for a very long time but few have listened…LISTEN! 
Here comes the slap on the hand part…For several years we were taught that all we needed was a little rectangular piece of plastic to get anything and everything we wanted. Keep putting off the debt until a later time. Someone else will settle the score at a later date…after you got to live your easy wonderful…self deserving existence. It has been like trying to shovel an entire driveway of deep snow with one shovel off a cliff with one continuous push. Well …that snow built up pretty quick, got too heavy, and you are now stuck, several yards short of that cliff and can’t even see the cliff anymore because the mound grew too tall. As a matter of fact…does that cliff even exist in the first place?  And if it did was the snow going to crush your neighbor below and did you even care? It was never a great idea in the first place but because of a hand me down spoiled attitude perpetuated by generations of millions that got to reap in the rich spoils of a bad idea…no one was ever motivated to make a change.
Now we have NO choice. We must be the generation of true realization. A new born understanding of symbiosis with our environment must be realized. It’s all going to be OK…we just have to play better with our toys and put them away at night when we go to bed and the world will take care of the rest…it’s that simple…at first anyway.
Our globe is covered two thirds by the ocean and within it contains the answer. It is very forgiving but we must start to respect it and appreciate its capability.  Please motivate yourself and your families to get with the sustainability movement. I have been preaching this for over 30 years of my professional career and am dedicated to prove that it isn’t that difficult and that it can taste awesome as well. Through our menu choices, our purchasing decisions we can support the earth’s natural ability to rectify this phenomenon.
Monterrey Bay Aquarium puts out a popular guide to help navigate you through this mess. Theypoint out the land mines and the closed roads and show you where you can go to still enjoy the scenery along the journey. It is called the Seafood Watch card and it identifies the types of seafood that are most environmentally friendly and those that are the worst. Seventy percent of the world’s fisheries are either in decline or are already fished to capacity. Many species contain high amounts of toxins like mercury and PCB’s. We dumped the toxins in the water in the first place and there are thousands of seafood species that we have never considered serving on our dinner tables. Well… chef’s, like myself, are trying to get us all to consider them as a way to relieve the pressures of the species that are over exploited. I promise that they taste just as good…Please help me spread the word… 


  1. Thanks for the good word you've been always putting out there! Great to now see it in blog form. Looking forward to what's next!

  2. Believe me Mike there is lots more to come. Thanks for listening and spreading the word.