Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Say NO to Genetically Engineered Salmon

By Rick Moonen, Special to CNN
September 15, 2010 9:35 a.m. EDT

Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) -- I am and always will be completely against any food that has been altered genetically for human consumption. And never, in the 30-plus years I have been a restaurant chef, has one customer requested a genetically modified organism for dinner.

This is why I was alarmed to learn early this month that the Food and Drug Administration announced with "reasonable certainty" that a new genetically modified Atlantic salmon awaiting approval posed "no harm" to humans who might soon have the opportunity to buy it and eat it as though it were a fish from nature. The announcement brings this "Frankenfish" one step closer to your table.

But make no mistake. The creation of this fish is just another tactic for big industry to make bigger, faster profits with no consideration for the impact it will have on our personal health and the health of our environment and ...

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  1. Hello Rick,

    While I don't disagree with your comments about the danger and unhealthiness of farmed fish (so far as we know today) you make the mistake of offering no real alternatives. I live in a landlocked European country where 10 years ago you could not find a fish shop and certainly not a sushi restaurant. Now sushi is ubiquitous here. How to quell the growing worldwide demand for fish without providing a reasonable alternative? People simply are not going to stop eating fish. I too fear for the future of our oceans but humankind will continue to demand fish (and profiteers will continue to provide it). So what are the options? Thanks - David, Prague.